Doug Wonders is an accomplished photographer with over thirty-five years of experience behind the camera. He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Art Photography from Pratt Institute and has recently earned his Master of Arts degree in Photography at the Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. Mr. Wonders is currently teaching photography as an adjunct professor.

Among many photography credits, Doug Wonders recently took up an interest in studio portraiture. Producing portraits primarily for his own artistic means, his personal work has received several top-placing awards in photography competitions as well as generating commissions to photograph musical performing artists for their CD packaging art.

The portraits on this site reflect Doug’s personal portrait work. Says Wonders: “These portraits are a collaborative effort between the subject and myself. The studio is the blank canvas, the camera is the tool, the film is the palette—the images are constructed, not found. I begin with a rough idea of what I imagine in my mind as a photograph. Once the shoot commences, the synergy between my subject and myself may dash the original idea to pieces. It is the surprise and unpredictability of the moment that often goes beyond my original thought to something that’s completely unexpected.”

In the tradition of classical portrait painters and 19th Century portrait photographers, Wonders committed to use only one light source in each photograph, as if it were the north light of a skylit studio. All the shadow and illumination is the effect of light emanating from one direction.

He does not consciously seek out “models” for this endeavor, rather it is a spontaneous, first- impression encounter of a few individuals, whereupon he knows immediately he must record their image. Wonders shoots mainly black and white film for his portraits, believing that the look of film best suits what he’s trying to reveal with his images.

“This is my personal work-- it is not selling products, covering the news, or pitching celebrities. It’s just seeing eye to eye.”


Doug Wonders Photography
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